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Order, entropy and chaos


Order is harmonic, expected, predictable state or composition of something. It is the general meaning of the word. This box of matches is a model of system […]

Unique liquid – water


The topic of today”s meeting – the admirable qualities of water. We can talk a lot about water, scientific works can be written about it, awards […]

First aid


Hotdog was lying on the grass and screamed. – What happened?Why are you crying? – Puma came to the dog – I banged my paw. […]

Black dot


One sage invited his students and asked them: “What can you see here?” The first answered – A dot. The second said: – A black […]



Today we will tell you about teleportation, ordinary and quantum one. For the first time the term teleportation was used in 1931 by American writer […]

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