Information Exchange Institute

At the end of the 19th century the humanity happened to be on one of the peaks of its evolution. There were huge breakthroughts made in various fields of our lives. Psychology has merged with physics, the arts with math and sports with fashion. IEI is based on solid foundations of the mankind’s history, which is a source of strenght and inspiration. IEI consists of the central department, branches, local authorities and external lecturers.

The central department consists of the academic and administrative departments, the research centers(currently under reconstruction) and studios. Departments are autonomous and financially independent insitutions that are linked to the central department of IEI. International Exchange Institute profile is focused on cooperating with modern schools that are active from the developing point of view. At the same time we do place emphasis on both the extent and depth of the practical activities of our colleagues, who are located all over the world and collaborate with us.


Information Exchange Institute
U Trojice 1042/2
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Czech Republic
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Information Exchange Institute does not choose students.

We make the brightest personality of everybody who comes to us.